Test paper printer hardware skills _ printing equipment problem

by:Xprinter     2020-07-09
Paper printing speed, print effect is good, low maintenance cost. The LCD control panel, visual operation. Visualization of the LCD display is designed, make operation more intuitive, rapid, humanization, satisfy the customer higher requirements. Compact structure design, occupies a small space saving, better to save space. Test paper printer hardware techniques: a page and print it out, but no words, may be put against the paper roll, the print head row line is not good, or the print head thermal problems. Second, don't come out, the paper also not to come out is the paper round or printer inside the module. Take this time to repair. Three, printer power hold the feed button, and then turn it on, 2 seconds to loosen the feed button, at this time if the test page prints out a printer is no problem. Test paper printer hardware skills everyone know, label printer to adopt new technology of lithium battery can make the label printer to print at high speed, and can print two dimensional barcode, lightweight, durable, with precision printing machine, products are widely used in supermarket, food, medical, and other industries.
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