The kitchen printer troubleshooting _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-03

the kitchen printer is one of the food industry the necessary cash register accessories, often lie in smoke miasma of working in the kitchen, will inevitably fails, poor dimensional sight small make up today is talk about the kitchen printer several fault causes and treatment methods.

when using normal printing POS cash register, the kitchen printer is not out of the paper, first of all, make sure your printer is what interface, there are three kinds of common, LPT interface, USB interface, and so.

the first is the failure of LPT interface processing.

the first step is the introspection, click on the lower left corner of POS cash register first, and then click printers and faxes, check to see if there is related to the kitchen printer driver, if it finds no drive, please contact cash register factory, make after-sales personnel remote installation kitchen printer driver. If have installed the print driver, trying to shut off the power, then hold down the paper key ( 提要) , open the power supply, three seconds away paper release button, and look at the print is correct, otherwise it is printing rollers ( The little black cylinder) Is broken.

USB kitchen printer, detection way is actually about the same, but due to a lot of cash register software does not support in the form of USB drive, so we should choose port on the cash register software, which is must on the driving test first USB port, and then to set up on the cash register software test, to print it out.

so the printer processing method is more complex

( 1) To view the first so the IP address of the printer: shut off the power - - - - - - - Holding down the paper feed button - - - - - - - Open power, let go after a few seconds, article will print a self-check, with IP, generally is 192. 168. Xxx。 XXX this form.

( 2) Return the printer driver, and then click the port & ndash; — Configure the port to see if the inside address, and get the IP address of the printer testing. If agree, see below, do not unanimously agree to then apply, print test to see if can print.

( 3) Have the printer address and port on the IP and the kitchen printer, too, will need to test for a and printers, POS cash register IP specific way is: right-click on the cash register online desktop neighbors & ndash; — Property & ndash; — Click the local connection & ndash; — Property & ndash; — Points inside the TCP/IP protocol & ndash; — Properties. Points in conventional inside, use the following IP address this circle, after IP in 192. 168. Xxx。 XXX + or - 1 1 ( Cash register IP cannot like the kitchen printer IP, such as a printer is 192. 168. 123. 100, you're computer IP in 192. 168. 123. 99 or 192. 168. 123. 101) No need to worry about, and then the following subnet mask, default network management also need not tube, direct determination of the bottom line. And then to the drive to test print, see if you can print.

test through the above way, if still print out a piece of paper, please contact cash register seller after-sales personnel, it is possible that the printer internal problems, needs further checks to determine the cause of the problem.

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