The non-drying label: how to implement from the bottom of paper into the bottomless cross _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-30
The so-called: the non-drying label sticker after 30 years of rapid development, now has been widely used in all walks of life, into every corner of the People's Daily life, almost everywhere. But it has been widely used in the non-drying label at the same time, also brought huge waste of resources. Because the non-drying label including surface paper and bottom paper two parts, the paper will face off when using, paste to be put on, and then the bottom paper away. Bottom paper, in other words, only useful between printing enterprise to use the manufacturer, once use factory will use the non-drying label jie, the role of the bottom paper will come to an end, the bottom paper only like pour out the empty bottle of wine, all be thrown away. So far, the domestic and foreign technical staff can also failed to find any kind of effective ways to recycle the bottom paper, or recycled into a kind of new product development. As the non-drying label industry is growing at 20% a year, technicians were forced to put forward without the concept of the bottom paper label, only want to produce a glossy paper, don't waste the non-drying label, eliminated with traditional bottom paper label, to save the production cost, reduce waste. : the so-called no bottom paper label the so-called no bottom paper label, as the name suggests is a kind of no bottom paper sticker. The graphic printed on the label directly on the surface of paper materials, and then on the other side coated glue and anti-sticking silicone oil, according to the label specification for die cutting. Die cutting reserve some similarities between tag stamp when saw that did not break points, and then winding, packing, could be made into a bottom paper, more low carbon and environmental protection of the non-drying label & ndash; — No bottom paper label. Traditional label surface and bottom paper material usage of 1:1, means to remove the bottom paper can reduce half raw materials directly. Considering the anti-sticking silicone oil, such as glue does not reduce, integrated computation, a bottomless paper sticker can save 30% of the cost of materials; And almost a 50% reduction in the cost of storage and transportation; A volume label doubled, the number of the labeling process downtime in volume time cut in half, effectively increase the number of label per unit time; More important is, it is free of traditional label processing scrap cost and environmental pollution caused by the bottom paper.
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