The printer and the network joint is a new era of printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-05
Bar code printer, applicable, and the convenience of application, is the precondition of commodity popular factors, so, I want to say that the printer is necessarily so. Especially personal printers, planing to go to the business application of rapid and stable demand, it should be favored the applicability of the personal development, and facilitate the application. But how to do this? The author thinks that as well as timely generation of printer to development, what age? Nature is the first Internet age. Actually this very clearly, according to a 2010 'China's Internet situation', according to data provided by the paper by the end of 2009, China's Internet population reached 3. 8. 4 billion, our country has been in the Internet age, the pipeline network applications, network size tends to never leave home characteristics at the same time, network applications have the convenience of richness with application increasingly highlight, with access to information and among them the most commonly used. Printer this thing on the computer send electronic signals to complete printing, swim and when the computer network, if the printer should be passed on to some new ideas. Printer how to facilitate the application in the network, is now, maybe it's only a prototype, because applied there is much to be estimated, so the whole, the author thinks that this should be the DNA of the network a restructuring, for the printer. As to how the set of the DNA, depends on how rich our imagination. Even can connect to the network television this thing now, printers, why not? Or the other way. Early, in fact, nowadays the development of the printer has now, for example, the Canon teng color MP288 inkjet all-in-one, although this machine is a simple introduction to the one hundred yuan of low-end printer, on the whole machine performance is not a future models can be applied to the network intelligence, but rely on random software, can achieve some of the leading web application. It will be Easy - random distribution WebPrintEX smart web printing software, such as we have information available on the Internet, and sometimes use of IE collection function, or save as IE document directly, or is copied down want to save the information into various want to format file, and if the advantage of Easy - WebPrintEX software, you can directly to want information at any time for printing. Which is suitable for application is that it can realize arbitrary cut, paste, combination, in the midst of a web page, and not all information is what we want, we can to shear of useful information, or the multi-step shear, and then through a series of paste, combination, the printed information is we ultimately want to be. This software, realize the biggest function is convenience, of course, we can use electricity mind other software to achieve this function, but, by contrast, is a lot of trouble. The author thinks that this is the network a printer, flexible application of DNA that have relatively play harder? Also is there! HP cloud print released last year, with several of print, new products, and the new product besides device have ePrint cloud print, the emergence of intelligent modules and time control, made another turn printing experience. Without a computer, you can through this batch of HP cloud printer touch screen to access and print online content. HP cloud print products, of course, was 1 generation of products, so in the network application is not yet mature, you may be just can realize some bookmarks, calendar, specify the accessibility of web pages to print, practical needs to be improved, but at least let us see the side forward. HP cloud print model the author thinks that it is hard and soft network dual application of recombinant DNA, development, implementation and mature application based on, the price also is to the individual user is we want to see.
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