Thermal paper bleaching and save introduce _ print equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-05-26

thermal paper is mainly used in electronic computer terminal to print, fax, document printing, medical equipment, all kinds of securities and various terminal records of testing instruments, etc. As thermal technology in printing speed, image resolution and equipment universal aspects of development, and paper products in shelf life, progress of printing quality and cost, etc, the social demand for thermal paper will have greater growth. In general, thermal paper is composed of base paper, synthetic paper as the backing material, such as the filling material, colorless dye, chromogenic agent, adhesive and the components of the coating composition such as sensitizer, can be achieved when it is heated hair color thermosensitive materials, surface coating twice or three times coating, according to the function can be divided into ordinary thermal paper and thermal paper. Three anti thermal paper is again on thermal hair color layer coating layer, to give better thermal paper, such as waterproof, prevent oil and anti friction performance, but is expensive, it is mainly used for high-end market. In everyday use, give priority to with common thermal paper, ordinary thermal paper is widely used in supermarket, hospital, bank and office and other places. Hair color and save performance is an important index to measure the performance of thermal paper two. Hair color performance reflects the sensitivity of thermosensitive and image record resolution; Maintain performance including preservation and storage after hair color hair color performance. The former reflects the thermal print quality, which reflect the thermal paper storage period or shelf life.

thermal paper is a kind of coating with special coating processing paper, or on the surface of paper gives heat, makes the physical or chemical change agent and get the image, to record the effect of information paper. Thermal paper is completely dry, do not need to show fixing process, records no noise, no smell, high resolution rate, less and record equipment failure, form small, simple operation, etc. But with the fax machine penetration of saturated and fax to the high speed development which requires thermal paper has higher graphic clarity and stability, increase the thermal paper production and cost control is difficult, and very obvious fax paper is the development trend of development in the direction of offset paper, direct threat of thermal paper market share. Along with the high-speed development of information technology, paper printers and bar code technology is widely used, thermal paper because of its unique performance, quick, the advantages of image by the bar code labels, bar code to record information at your convenience and paper printing area to get fast growth. Thermosensitive coating by colorless dye, chromogenic agent, adhesives, paint and other additives, the image of chemical reaction and no carbon carbon paper basic similar, but the two kinds of thermal paper reaction agent all painted in the same surface, not to be separated microcapsules.

therefore, the influence of environment on thermal paper is large, is not easy to solve the defects at the same time, compared with other recording paper, thermal paper short shelf life, fading resistance is poor, and if in contact with the hot, wet, light, organic solvents, plasticizer, grease, etc can make the hair color image is not strong, even fade away. The application of bar code label paper has greatly increased the production and operation speed, the bar code label paper on the market and exquisite, how to choose and buy cheap and fine label paper? Top electronics is a professional manufacturer of supermarket equipment, from the cash register, bar code printers, electronic scale to the required consumables such as: label paper, thermal paper, bar code label paper, paper and a series of products, environmental protection type non-toxic materials, guarantee the health of human body, deeply customer high praise.

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