Bar code printer carbon took me tell you how to choose _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-10

carbon belt is to print the barcode printer must be consumable materials, the stand or fall of carbon belt, affects the quality of your print content, how carbon belt quality appraisal, good carbon belt change how to choose? Underneath, small make up will tell you choose selected guide bar code label printer with carbon.

medium material to decide which carbon belt highlights: the bar code printer use the mirror copper plate, light powder, paper, etc. Half highlights: coated paper. Inferior smooth paper, offset paper. Special paper with aluminum foil paper, fluorescent paper, thermal/thermal transfer paper. Choosing the right barcode carbon belt, should consider the following aspects: in what printer; Play on any surface; Hope graphics durability; What kind of graphics to print; Affordable cost; What label attached to the surface; Whether there is friction in the application; Whether exposure to the fluorescence ( Uv) Under; Temperature; Whether there is oil, cleaning solvents.

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