Talk about paper printer performance _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-07-05
Paper print with ordinary document print biggest difference is that a label printer paper diversity, ordinary document print media have been standardized, more for A4 printing paper, only there are some changes in the wide, such as, B5 and A3 wide width and so on. Explain for everybody below label printer performance: 1. Stable performance of the new print head technology, make the print head for longer service life, can withstand 500 million hit, and very heat-resistant, persistent work time. 2. To provide users with the USB interface design and parallel, serial ports, a variety of standard interface, to improve the applicability of the machine, satisfy various customers' needs. 3. Its powerful ability of facsimile has seven layers ( 1 original + 6 copy) Synchronous replication ability, even in the last league remains the clear print effect. 4. A solid structure, performance stability. 5. Compact structure design, occupies a small space saving, better to save space. 6. Automatic tearing, convenient and quick.
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